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Innovative, advanced curriculum. Supported by Atrium Health, one of the nation's leading healthcare systems.

Medical Assistant

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At Cabarrus College, our affiliation with Atrium Health — one of the largest, most innovative healthcare systems in the country — offers advantages you won't find elsewhere.

You'll learn using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, in high-tech simulation labs right on campus. Practice the skills you learn in class in real-life clinical settings, every single week. Receive individualized instruction from a top-notch faculty. And make all the connections you need to launch your career as a certified medical assistant.

Associate Degree: Two years

Atrium Health Forgivable Loan

Available to all Medical Assistant students

$5,000 loan for diploma students and $10,000 loan for associate degree students can be repaid/forgiven by working at Atrium Health.

Genevieve Gere, CMA, '19
Medical Assistant

“I chose the medical assisting program because I could complete it in less than a year and start working in the field. I was thankful for the small class sizes and how personal the instructors were. They got to know every student and were willing to help in any way they could with whatever you needed. They spent lots of time outside of the actual class time to help as well. The program was very hands on.”

Katherine Ashley, CMA, '20
Medical Assistant

Hear From More of Our Proud Alumni

“I chose Cabarrus College of Health Sciences' medical assisting diploma program because of its excellent reputation and affiliation with Atrium Health. Even local doctors and nurses I spoke with praised the school, commenting on the exceptional healthcare professionals that graduate from there. I have not been let down. The staff is so supportive, and I appreciate the feeling of community. The faculty is committed to providing high-quality education and genuinely wants me to succeed; hands down the best decision I have made for my future healthcare career.”

Ashleigh Owen '21
Medical Assistant

“Medical assistants…make a difference in the healthcare setting no matter where they are placed. We are always there standing amongst the healthcare professionals getting ‘dirty’ right beside them. We are an influential part of the healthcare team and truly are the ‘heart of healthcare.’ As an alumna of Cabarrus College of Health Sciences, I always felt prepared in my clinicals and was able to accomplish the tasks at hand. I had other college students at the time come to me for questions because I was more knowledgeable.”

Candice King, CMA, '14
Medical Assistant

  • Prepares you for leadership or management in medical assisting
  • Includes family medicine practicum and specialty practice internship

Diploma: One year

  • Innovative, advanced curriculum
  • Hands-on clinical experience every week 
  • Preferred access to Atrium Health clinical sites 
  • Enroll full- or part-time 
  • Hybrid (online and on campus); weekend/evening option available as needed 
  • Start in fall or spring

“I am so grateful that I was able to obtain my education from such a top-notch school. From the moment I first stepped through the doors, I was greeted with warm, kind, and helpful faculty and staff.”

  • Short route to a rewarding career
  • Includes family medicine practicum



Innovative, advanced curriculum. Supported by Atrium Health, one of the nation's leading healthcare systems.

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Cabarrus Cares Scholarship

For North Carolina high school students

Covers up to 100% of tuition and general fees after expected family contribution and other sources of free aid have been exhausted. Must attend full time and demonstrate financial need.

Talk to our financial aid office for more information.

A respected leader in healthcare education, Cabarrus College provides immersive, innovative education that will prepare you to provide exemplary care for the patients and communities you serve. We are renowned for our small, welcoming environment and faculty who are more than instructors – they’re mentors who will ensure you graduate ready to serve with confidence, courage and compassion.  

Situated on the campus of Atrium Health Cabarrus, Cabarrus College of Health Sciences offers advantages you won’t find elsewhere .


  • 13 degrees in 9 health science disciplines 
  • Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in various fields 
  • Diplomas and associate degrees for students who want to be working in healthcare in 1-2 years
  • 7:1 student-to-faculty ratio 
  • Average class size: 16
  • Individualized instruction 
  • Hands-on experience right away in clinical programs
  • Immersive, professional healthcare environment 
  • Flexible – Online, on-campus and hybrid programs, with full- or part-time options 
  • Affordable – Generous scholarships and financial aid packages; 95% of our students receive financial aid, with awards averaging nearly $14,000+ per year 
  • Quality education – 96.6% of graduates pass certification and licensure exams, exceeding state and national averages 
  • Jobs! 90+% of our graduates are working in healthcare within 6 months
  • Affiliated with Atrium Health:  

Cabarrus College of Health Sciences is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

  • Preferred access to clinical experiences at Atrium Health
  • State-of-the-art campus and facilities
  • Forgivable loan for many programs
  • Pipeline to jobs at Atrium Health

Immersive Healthcare Environment

Individualized Attention

Unmatched Clinical Experience

Jobs. Jobs. Jobs!

We’re on the campus of Atrium Health Cabarrus.

7:1 student-to-teacher ratio with an average class size of 16.

Preferred access to Atrium Health clinical sites.

Job placement assistance and a direct pipeline to jobs at Atrium Health and elsewhere.

Small College Perks. University Quality. Affordable.


of our students pass licensure and certification, far exceeding state and national averages.*


are working in healthcare within six months of graduation.*

*Based on 2021 college-wide data.

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